STEM Week 7 Announcements 9.4.18

● We have a Growth Mindset ● We Keep all Staff & Every Student in Mind ● We Commit & Follow Through

WINGS ● We Include everyone ● Never Give Up, have a ● Growth Mindset to ● Soar off to college


  • Shout-out to our new kindergarten teacher Ms. Thomas for #committing and following through this week with her new students!
  • Shout out to Ms. Morris, Ms. Tellez, Mr. Wylie, Ms. Dominguez, Ms. Palacio, Ms. Ruppert, Ms. Rodrigez, Coach Bates and Coach Reggie for having a #growthmindset as they supported our cross country team during practice this week participating in a 2.1 mile run through campus!
  • Shout out to Ms. Olcoco, Ms. Appel, Nurse Mateos, & Ms. Garcia for having a #growthmindet this past week and embracing a new student and making sure his first week at Feaster was exceptional!

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 3.03.33 AM1) Feaster Farm donates lettuce to the community

2)Tweet: Buddy Up in action with 8th graders and 1st graders

3) Tweet: Ms. Calvadores’s class proud of their writing during writers workshop!

Additional Information:

  • We love to use social media to showcase great things teachers are doing! Please take a moment and follow us on our social media accounts:
  • Contact for Programs: If you have a question or concern about a program, please contact:
    • Benchmark: Marissa Hernandez
    • SmartyAnts/Achieve 3K: Shea Macleod
    • Imagine Learning: Heather Galyen
    • AR: Roel Mislan


  • Headspace: we still have the Headspace guided mediation subscription available until 07/2019! Your redemption code is GSEDFEASTER1Y and it can be redeemed at
  • Door Signs: Everyone now has two frames outside of their door! Ms. Hale in 7th grade is making great use of her second frame by including her All About Me letter. Other teachers are including the Mindlabs after school clubs or their elective rosters! These are great ways to make use of this space!
  • Accelerated Reader: the link for the AR website is:
  • Imagine Learning: please help hold your students accountable for achieving their 20 minutes each day by checking your Imagine Learning reports! You can login and see how your students are spending their time by going to: ImagineLearning does have a new app that we will be pushing out to all iPad devices this week. Please remember that the site code is 0608610
  • SmartyAnts: There are two apps for SmartyAnts – one is for K&1 and the other is for 2nd and up. We will be pushing out the 2nd & up apps to all grade levels using SmartyAnts.
  • iPads to Media Center: throughout the day, we get a lot of students coming in for iPad issues. To help us out, especially when we are in classrooms or not in the offices, please only send students with a note describing the problem, their name, your room number, and a class pass
  • MacBooks: please note that the new MacBooks are very fragile! The screens are easily cracked, so we highly recommend purchasing a cover or a case to keep your MacBook from being damaged. Please make sure that you are cautious to not close anything inside of the MacBook and to keep liquids away from the computer. According to the staff Acceptable Use Policy, teachers are responsible for any damage caused to the device. We highly recommend purchasing the $50 insurance; please see the attached Staff AUP for more information!
  • Candy Bars: 6th grade is selling candy bars to raise money for 6th grade camp

Week at a Glance

After-School Duty: 3rd Grade

** Q1 Character Strengths: Social Intelligence & Emotional Self-Control**







No School – Happy Labor Day



GAATE Testing 7:45 Palacio 9:45 Silva 12:15 Kelling

Field Trips:
So Wild San Diego



Goal Setting:

SanRoman Miguel Benetiz

GATE Testing

9:30 Zinskey

Positive Parenting Classes
7:45 AM – MPR

“3:00 Cross-Country Run (2.1 Miles) ”


AM: TK&MS / PM: 5th DI Partner Collab: K

GATE Testing

7:45 Aguirre 9:30 Phan

1:45 PD: Free to work on report cards

1:30 GLQs: Tan Soo Do Karate Class

Wear College T-Shirts Collaboration

AM: K PM: 4th

Field Trips:

Phan Living Coast

GATE Make Up Testing

Looking Ahead & Other Information:

  • 9.11 Coffee with the Principals
  • 9.13 Parent Conferences Begin

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