Keeping Technology Protected from Damage

We have had a 1:1 iPad program since the 2011/2012 school year. A majority of our students only know academic education that is supported by their own device. In the beginning, everyone was so cautious to keep the devices protected because it was new to them.

Now, 6 years later, some of those precautionary routines have been forgotten. It is not the fault of anyone, it is simply what happens when everyone on campus gets used to having these resources. It is no longer the new and shiny thing, so everyone just gets a little more relaxed. However, when a device is broken or lost, it can cause a disruption in education because one student no longer has their iPad. Therefore, paper copies need to be made for that individual student and teachers do not have the ease of digital grading. For me, as a classroom teacher, this was the worst! I was so inconvenienced by having to print out ScootPad assignments and by having to create individual paper lessons. It is much easier to prevent this altogether by making sure that the devices are used with caution.

Some of the most common reasons iPads are damaged:

  • Dropped (usually outside)
  • Put into iPad cart too agresively
  • iPad cases are not used correctly
  • Device is stepped on
  • Student is using device while walking, they trip and drop iPad

We can all work together to prevent the devices from being broken or misplaced by reminding students of a few routines and by holding them accountable for following these routines.

Inside Only

iPad devices should only be used inside the classroom. This will help make sure that the devices are not dropped on the hard ground outside.

If you have a student who goes to RSP, confirm with the RSP teachers that they will need their device with them before sending out.

If you have students who need to complete work or who have earned free iPad time during snack, have them stay inside the classroom while you wait by the door to monitor both groups of students. Or, set up a routine with your grade level where all students who get to stay inside during snack meet in one classroom.

iGenius/Tech Guru/Tech Support

One of your classroom jobs could be to give support to students who are experiencing tech issues. This job would also require students to monitor the iPad cart when the devices are being picked up in the morning and returned in the afternoon. Having two monitors on each side of the iPad cart will help students remember to put their device in safely. The iGeniuses could also be on the lookout for iPads that are left on the floor!  The two tasks – tech support and device safety monitor – give this job more purpose than simply overseeing the protection of the devices.

Device Checks

Have a trustworthy group of students conduct weekly iPad checks on the following:

  • Is the cover in working condition?
  • Are the pictures on the device all related to academics?
  • Is the Mosyle Manager profile still on the device?
  • What kinds of things are showing in the internet search history or is the student clearing their history?

The students can use a class list to record devices that you should check and students that you should conference with. If you are concerned about this job being labeled as tattle tailing, you can only offer it to students who can stay after school or you can reach out to our middle schoolers for community service hours.

Hug it Like You Love it

When walking in the classroom, devices should be closed and held like they are being hugged. This will help students remember to watch where they are walking so they do not trip and potentially break their iPad.


I appreciate that the devices are being used and loved by our learners! That is great and that is a routine we want to continue. I hope we can all take a few minutes to discuss the routines of preventing iPad screens from being broken! This could be a great trust circle conversation. We can also all find exemplar students who are already modeling iPad safety routines and compliment them during class. Together, I believe we can prevent future iPad breakage.

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