Kicking Off 2019/2020

We returned from break this past week and it was so refreshing to see everyone! As I connected with teachers here and there, I noticed that so many people just took time to focus on what they needed to focus on. I heard from teachers who told me they turned off work for the summer; good for you! I heard from teachers who told me they continued their education over summer; good for you! I heard from other teachers who told me they got some classroom and school projects finished; good for you! The point is, whatever you did, great, as long as your summer was spent focusing on exactly what you needed at that moment! These reflections and connections are part of building relationships, just like our mission statement and our core values are meant to help keep us on track, they are also meant to help us build relationships with our community as a whole – with other teachers, students, families, community members…

Missing Statement

Our mission statement was created to help us remember current and future goals. The statement below works to set ongoing goals and helps us reflect on the decisions we make every day.

Mission Statement

At Feaster Charter School, students are at the center of all decision making. We prepare our students to become 21st century learners in a multicultural society by infusing Visual & Performing Arts as well as Science, Technology, Social Studies, Engineering & Mathematics into our daily curriculum and literacy instruction. This integration challenges our students to communicate and think critically, creatively and collaboratively. By introducing the Arts and Sciences we are fostering leadership and reasoning skills, as well as increasing self-esteem at a young age to make a life changing impact. The students who leave Feaster Charter School will be lifelong learners who are on their way to being college and career ready.

Core Values

Our core values act almost like a checklist to help keep us on track. These are reminders for us that will help us refocus when we seem to lose that focus, they are Feaster’s guiding principles that we can go to when we are questioning a decision or an opportunity.

Core Values

  • We have a Growth Mindset
  • We keep all staff and every student in mind
  • We commit and follow through


Our Mission Statement and Core Values work together to guide our school towards lofty goals and opportunities for our learners. The work we do in our classrooms is important and when we can build strong relationships with our students, community, and teams, we create opportunities beyond what was previously achievable. The first week especially is about building those strong relationships. Below are a few things to think about as you get to know your students and as we work with our school community:

  • What makes someone feel valued?
  • How can we recognize and apply the strengths of our students, team members, and our community?
  • How do we make someone feel empowered?

Some of the most basic answers to these questions are…ask them! Hold a trust circle, make these the points you discuss, spend the energy it takes to focus on little things that are said and shared that may give you hints about what the people around you feel and what they need to feel empowered.

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