Twitter is a powerful academic resource because it gives the opportunity to bring together educators in a collaborative manner. When used to ask questions, get new ideas, and push thinking, educators can grow their professional learning network beyond just the teachers on their teams and within their school or district. Of course, these collaborative teams at your school site will always be crucial to the success of your students – the on site people at your school have an in depth understanding of the needs of the students in your community! With the addition of using social media to share and seek out new ideas, teachers can take their learning beyond their in-person connections.

Organizing Your Tweets

Going through your Twitter feed can be a daunting task if you are looking for something in particular. The website (also an app), Tweetdeck is a convenient way to separate hashtags and people you follow into organized columns.

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Twitter Handles to Follow


Below is a running list of various Twitter accounts that create content centered around education. Together, we can work to add to this list and keep an ongoing resource that will help us all expand our professional learning network.

Twitter Handle & Link Bio from Twitter Page Other Info
@ChrisWejr K-5 principal, teacher, learner, sports fan, father of 3. Passionate about strengths-based education and leadership, assessment, and motivation.
@katiemartinedu Passionate educator connecting research and practice to ensure schools meet needs of learners in a changing world. Director of District Leadership @biepbl Has been a co-facilitator for the Twitter Chat: #IMMOOC (Innovator’s Mindset IMassive Online Open Course)
@TopDogTeaching Globally Awarded Teacher · CEO: Top Dog Teaching Inc. · TEDx + Keynote Speaker · Cofounder @HappyGoTeach · Author FlexEd Book (6/18) · Coauthor #EdWriteNow Book
@casas_jimmy Senior Fellow at ICLE. CEO: ConnectEDD, Leadership Coach, Author, Speaker. #FutureReady Advisor. Passionate about kids & serving others. Co-Founder of
@JCasaTodd I learn. I teach. I write. I am a speaker, a mom, a wife, a T-L & author of #socialLEADia Passionate abt STUDENT Digital Leadership #globaled #digcit#TeachSDGs Author of Social Leadia
@alicekeeler Mom of 5, Teacher, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Google Certified Teacher, NMCk12 Ambassador, MIE, gamification, #coffeeEDU, coder Lots of information about Google Docs in the classroom
@gcouros The best educators change the trajectories of those they serve. Through learning, teaching, writing, & speaking, I continue to aspire to this. I also love dogs. My first go to whenever I blog. Author of The Innovator’s Mindset, KeyNote speaker
Almost any conference I attend, his blog or posts are quoted…very impressive speaker and writer –
@JohnHardison1 Father, Husband, Friend, High School Language Arts Interactive Educator, and Forward Thinker (opinions are my own)
@spencerideas I’m a professor who makes stuff. Sometimes I make things. Sometimes I make a difference. On a good day, I get to do both. Check out
@ChrisWejr K-5 principal, teacher, learner, sports fan, father of 3. Passionate about strengths-based education and leadership, assessment, and motivation.
@garystager Progressive educator, journalist, speaker, university professor – -Expertise = edtech, 1:1 computing, online teaching, school reform, jazz Huge on Makers Spaces
@cultofpedagogy I help teachers crush it in the classroom. My big project these days is at . Very powerful blogs and ideas, if you want to push your thinking or be inspired, be prepared to spend hours here!
@joboaler Stanford Professor, Believer in ALL Students, Maths Revolutionary, Author, Online course experimenter, co-founder My go-to for all things related to math
@EdHidalgoSD innovation & engagement officer @cajonvalleyusd. Preparing Ss for #worldofwork #cvWoW. @SDWorkforceBoard. Founder @Thinkabit_Lab. Thoughts mine. Voice @tedx Works with Cajon Valley Elementary School District – lots of World of Work resources and strengths/interests/values ideas
@Digitaltonto Author, Speaker, Innovation Advisor, @HarvardBiz @Inc Contributor, Check out my book, Mapping Innovation and hire me to speak at your next event Not an educator, but posts things relevent to innovations in businesses that could help push your thinking
@angeladuckw Founder & CEO of @thecharacterlab. Professor at @Penn. Author of “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” Great resource for info on SEL, specifically grit
@jenmanfredi Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab Instructor-QWOW  #worldofwork#experienship opinions represent Jennifer Manfredi Thinkabit Lab
@simonsinek To run & jump & laugh & cry & love & hope & imagine…to experience as much as I can all for one purpose: to inspire. Books: Start With Why & Leaders Eat Last. My go to for anything having to do with leadership
@csanroman86 Third grade teacher, aspiring school leader, and soon to be mommy Feaster Teacher 🙂
@coachbates33 1st grade teacher-basketball coach Feaster Teacher 🙂
@alexa_carcova 7th Grade Teacher at Feaster Charter ELA & History Feaster Teacher 🙂
@eliz_aderholdt Teacher in San Diego County Feaster Teacher 🙂
@FeasterCharter Feaster Charter is an innovative TK-8 school in Chula Vista, CA. Through STEM, VAPA, & STEAM academies, learners think critically, creatively & collaboratively. School Twitter page
Make sure to use #FeasterLearns as well
@ftamayo1 Chula Vista Elementary School District Board of Education Member, Community Volunteer, Data Center Administrator for @SDCOE, Dad.. CVESD Board member
@marissa_m_h_ Feaster Teacher 🙂
@CV_InnovationSt @Thinkabit_Lab inspired makerspace created by @ChulaVistaLib & @CVESDNews as a place where art and engineering come together to inspire creativity & innovation.
@AntwonL Ed Tech Coordinator, Author, Speaker, Family Guy! CVESD ED Tech Coordinator
@ByMeDesign Feaster Teacher 🙂
@gerrybrooksprin principal, dad, husband, fun maker, American’s Next Top Model Educator’s Season. Hillarious YouTube videos, love him for collab trust cirlces…Cartier used to do this and it was my favorite!
@CVESDShift Believe that AWESOME teaching integrated with INNOVATIVE technology can happen. CVESDShift is a place for you to get inspired and get involved. Stay up-to-date on tech in CVESD
@P21Learning Emphasizing how 21st century learning & the 4Cs empower our learners to gain the skills they need for success.  #P21Exemplar Exemplar schools around US, monthly newsletter and webinars on 4 C’s and other ed topics
@MotsingerS Feaster admin 🙂
@kristacartier Feaster teacher 🙂
@tessier311 CVESD Assistant Superintendent, Innovation and Instruction, SDSU Aztec (B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D.) Great posts about what is happening in schools around CVESD
@cffsd Classroom of the Future Foundation is dedicated to uniting business, educational, and community leaders in creating innovative learning environments
@AvatarLore Technology Manager and Mind Labs Educator at Feaster Charter School Feaster Teacher 🙂
@sdominguez_3 VAPA Principal – Feaster Charter School – Chula Vista Elementary School District Feaster admin 🙂
@MisterDelaCruz Husband | Father | Reppin’ @Thrively I Worked @Design39Campus | Lifelong Learner | All Things EdTech | Food, Folks, & Fun! Thrively connection – lots of work with strengths/interests/values and AVID
@AngelicaSleiman Associate Principal at Feaster Charter, CVESD. Current PhD Candidate @ USD. UCEA Jackson Scholar. CSULA & USD alumni. Feaster admin 🙂
@loeragranados Feaster teacher 🙂
@hmgwalker Educator, Innovation Specialist in CVESD working to provide students with a challenging and purposeful education Feaster teacher 🙂

Hashtags to Follow

To continue our learning experiences beyond onsite PDs, we can tag each other, use our school hashtags, retweet, share, and look at what others are posting as well.

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