Close Out with Reflections

It is almost here, that last day of school with the group that you have worked so hard with since June of 2018! While it is fresh in your mind, try taking some time to reflect and maybe even ask your students to do the same!

How Can Reflecting Help?

When we reflect, we can recall the moments that we loved and the reflection process helps us recreate those same moments only slightly better each time. We also, without fail, will recall the mistakes that were made throughout the school year. When we reflect, we are not falling into our same old routines, instead, we are growing and able to improve our practice with each effective reflection session. It may be difficult to look back on our mistakes, but it is better than making those same mistakes over and over again year after year without realizing it. It can also be exciting to recall those “ah-ha” moments – especially that one day when everything went just right! By figuring out what worked best and by reflecting on what we did and recalling what we can control, we are creating a routine where we will increase the days where things just seem to be going well and hopefully lessen the days when things are just off.

Reflection Strategies

Reflection does not have to be something that you do in isolation. Why not get your students involved in the reflection practice?! Asking another group for feedback or guiding a practice where the learners involved in the lesson give their thoughts and opinions about the process and outcome can give us more information and help our students feel more included in their learning process. So, look through your camera roll (or check out the slide show below) for pictures you took over this school year, think back to those moments when you just felt on top of it, think about what you would change for your incoming group and plan a trust circle where students can share their favorite memories from this school year! You may be surprised how much of an impact you have made on some of your students and I am sure you will be even more surprised to hear what they recall! For some ideas on how to reflect, take a look at this article from Edutopia.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just a reminder….of course, at the end of the school year, it is important to remember to take time for you! Please don’t forget that part of the reflection process can be reflecting on your self care routines and using those to make goals for yourself for next year!

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