Website: Because I Said I Would

As I have connected with staff members, especially the staff members who are holding tryouts for theater and sports, a common thought was: “How will I get everyone to follow through on their commitment?” I was reminded about something that was shared at the end of last year…a website that made a brief appearance in one of our weekly update emails but I have yet to follow up on with our teachers. This website is called Because I Said I Would and it works to help “bridge the gap between intention and action.”

The premise is simple – this is a social movement meant to better our relationships and communities.  The quote below summarizes exactly what the Because I Said I Would movement is meant to do:

With a focus on core values like honesty, accountability and compassion, our aim is to help build stronger citizens through sharing stories of promises made and kept. We wrap the themes around students in schools by sending letters home with parents and providing resources like promise walls, coaches kits, and promise planners.

Because I Said I Would:

On the website, you will also see examples of different promise stories, some of which you may even choose to share with your students, character education lesson plans and a link to start your own chapter. Some of the stories that were shared made me tear up, other stories simply made me feel inspired to make a promise and be sure that I follow through on it. I have screen captured two of the promises that made me realize how effective and effortless this activity can be…

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 6.54.59 PM
The image above reminded me of a promise that I made just a few hours before writing to have lunch with someone and because I said I would, I will! 
Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 7.07.30 PM.png
This image made me pause because there is a 7-year-old out there just excited to share her promises with the world

I wonder how starting this conversation in a trust circle would impact our school community. I am not saying that a majority of us do not already do what we say we will, I am saying that it is nice to be reminded of the power that our word and our commitment has on our community and our relationships. I am looking forward to keeping my promise cards in mind and asking myself…How I help others be more impeccable with their words and how will I help “bridge the gap between intention and action?”

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