Last Week of School

IMG_4169.jpgWith the last week of school quickly approaching, we have so many exciting activities planned! This is one of my favorite times of the year because we are able to explore new activities and see what may be beneficial for our students next year. We can also get that continuous feedback from our students about what they will remember most from this school year.

Below are some activities that you can use to integrate the learning your students have attained throughout this school year.


  • Genius Hour: students choose something they are passionate about to research and explore
  • STEM Challenge: have students reflect on a problem that is connected to something they have learned about, challenge them to create a solution where they use the engineering and design process to build their solution


Reflect on the activities that you will see during the STEM Expo this year!


  • Music: challenge students to create a song that summarizes their experiences in your class
  • Theater: students create a short skit about their learning experiences
  • Dance: give students a change to create a collaborative dance where each kid makes a movement and they work together to put the moves into a dance


Have students create a VAPA presentation based on their reading

Character Strengths

  • Minute to Win It: students compete in various challenges and learn the necessary character strengths that are needed to be successful when facing something challenging
  • Notes: have students write anonymous notes to each other that are focused on the character strengths that each student represents
  • Letters to the Future: give students some time to write a letter to your next year’s class. They can share some of the exciting things they have learned and some of the great experiences they will have while in your class


Students create a project based on their favorite SEL book

Now is the chance to try out anything new! Explore with your group now and let them know that they can have a huge impact on what and how your next class learns as well!

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