Self Care

Taking a break is okay! I know that all too often we do not feel that or hear that from others. It is important, especially with this four-day weekend, for everyone to take some time to make sure that they are taking care of themselves! I am all too guilty of not doing this for myself and I write this post partly as a reminder to myself that it is possible to still get all of our responsibilities taken care of and have down time. Yes, that is a life that exists, but it takes an effort for some of us to make it a reality.



When we have things outside of work that we enjoy, it is great to get to share those interests with others. It is great to have time to actually enjoy those activities. I know that in education, we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to allow our hobbies to flow into our professional lives as well. How powerful is that outside life connection when students can relate to you through what you are passionate about, when you share those interests and hobbies with your learners, how powerful is that for your classroom and community? The first thing that comes to mind when I think of hobbies during work is electives! So many of our teachers have made it possible to combine their elective class with something that they would consider a personal hobby – I am thinking specifically of our animal care elective, our Feaster Farm elective, the digital media design elective, coding, the drone club and many others that are happening across our campus. I have more questions than answers for everyone on how to do this…How are your hobbies being intertwined with your professional responsibilities? Do you find this calming? Have you found that it helps you forge stronger community relationships?


Rest and Relaxation

I won’t try to tell everyone what this should be or even what this should look like, instead, I encourage you all to find what makes you feel most relaxed and rested. For some, it may be getting to the gym and killing it during their workout. For others, it may be reading a book. What you love about getting rest and relaxation may be someone else’s chore; however, I still encourage you to share with others what you are doing everyday to make sure that you are refreshed when it is time to work.



Building relationships and feeling like we are all part of a positive community can help us feel refreshed and supported. We do so much to build relationships in our classes and I know so many people see the benefits of that commitment everyday. In the previous sentence, I could have easily replaced the phrase “do so much” with the word “work,” but I am purposefully not using the word “work” here because I do not see building communities and communicating as “work.” Instead, I see it as a human need and one that we can all build together to be part of a positive environment.


As always, I encourage you all to share via social media and in person what you are doing to practice self-care! Selfishly, I ask this because I am always looking for more ideas on these topics and unselfishly, I encourage you to share because it is an effective way to make sure that we are continuing to foster relationships and build a productive and supportive community.


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