Sharing Learning

Returning from break last week, it was refreshing to see everyone recharged and ready to get into this last quarter! I heard a lot of talk about great conferences, books (both professional and personal), relaxation techniques, and new ideas to try out with our students!  I would love to encourage everyone to share their learning and help others grow from your knowledge.

This idea got me thinking – how are we currently sharing our learning? How are we reflecting on our personal take aways from this year?  I know that most of my notes from PDs, ongoing project ideas, and professional readings are sitting unshared in a OneNote file. So, I started wondering – how am I going to share this?


Talk to others! Are you thinking of a new grade level for next year, did you read something that reminded you of you someone else, did you connect with a new educator on social media who has inspired you in some way? These are all great things to bring up with other people – both here at Feaster and through social media. The more we open up about our questions, the more we learn. If we have stumbled across something that has helped us professionally, we can share that information.

There is always someone to go to when we have a question or want to learn something. I am grateful to so many who have shared ideas and strategies that have worked for them. Learning from a community has definitely made me a better teacher.

A lot of this learning happens in passing. For example, one of our Instructional Coaches came to me and shared an app she had just heard about for the MacBooks! This was so appreciated because it could help so many other teachers resolve a simple problem (like your computer going to sleep mid lesson – see Week 30 Announcements for more info on this)! This 15 second learning opportunity was so powerful to me and it just happened by chance!


Share pictures, screen shots, reflections, big ideas, questions, new strategies… Sharing online helps us develop our professional learning network and opens up opportunities for ongoing learning while we sit at home thumbing through our phones. When we share online, we are opening ourselves up to new learning opportunities without having to sit in a conference room or auditorium. It is professional learning on our own time!


Some of my favorite classroom lessons have come from talking with other educators in the lounge! The struggle, for me, was always getting there and not working through the entire lunch time – responding to emails and prepping for the week. This is still something I struggle with and one that I see the importance in.

What would it be like if we sat and ate lunch in the lounge everyday for a week? This will be my personal challenge – take the time to sit and eat once a day for 5 days in the lounge. I am curious and looking forward to thinking about my experience on Friday!


Take the time to think back on everything we have learned. Earlier this week, I was talking with another teacher about all of our PLCs. I was embarrassed to admit that there were some I did not even recall. I think that is because, at the time, I did not take the initiative to reflect on what I had learned. I did not step back, think about my learning from before, and recognize where my learning is now. I feel that if I had – like I do now with new learning – if I had shared it through a blog or a social media post or an emailed link to my OneNote, I would retain a lot more and have been able to strengthen my thinking through conversations with others.


I encourage you to think of a way that you would like to share a recent learning experience!


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