Individual Education Program PD Notes from 11/1

See the notes from our professional development meeting – SPED Goals and Accommodations:


  • Recognize the strengths, preferences, and interests
  • Recognize the needs student and follow up recognize what the parents are sharing too
    • Let this information guide your parent teacher conferences and the time you spend meeting with parents
  • Preacademic/Academic/Functional Skills
    • Focus on what the student is currently doing well with and what they need to do in order to improve
  • Know your student
    • What is their voice like?
    • What are they most successful with academically and outside of school
    • What are they like socially?
    • What is their behavior like at home, in the classroom, outside of the classroom, on campus at school
    • Communicate with Mindlabs teachers to find out the strengths, interests, and values of your students
  • Goals
    • Reading, writing, math, expressive language
    • What is the goal
      • what is the responsibility of the classroom teacher
      • What is the responsibility of the RSP teacher
  • Must offer and provide supports
  • Making time to look at IEPs and familiarize yourself with goals and your responsibilities
    • Communicate with your leads to coordinate time during collab to reflect on student goals
      • Could be integrated into “Looking at student work” section of collaboration
    • Communicate with our RSP teachers
      • Ask questions about IEP
      • Share strategies and get feedback
    • Reflect on what is working, what you would like to change and how that is going to look in the classroom
  • Classroom Modifications
    • Strategies for supports
    • Must also have quantitative data and graphs to support the need for special services
  • Know the difference between supports and services 


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