The Feaster Charter Community

This week, especially, I was reminded how tight-knit our Feaster Charter community really is. All on the same day, there was an all-staff email showing a Feaster Charter Elementary School class picture of one of our very own Feaster teachers, a visitor who came all the way from Kansas City to see the school she attended from 1954-1960, and a parent shared that she was a former student who could not imagine sending her kid anywhere else. While we know that a lot of the people in our community come and go, I was reminded of how powerful it can be when we make those connections, build positive relationships, and offer fantastic learning opportunities to each individual student.

It was great to hear the former student reminisce about her experiences here at Feaster. It really reminded me of how much we do as a school and got me to reflect on how many amazing opportunities we have created for our learners.  We have come a long way and it really shows through each and every learner. As I was walking the campus with the former student, she was in awe of our programs – our Mindlabs classes including an on-site engineering lab and dedicated dance studio, a hydroponic greenhouse, a chicken coop, multiple garden areas, a k-6 dual immersion program, STEM classes, VAPA classes, electives, welcoming room environments, the Girls On The Run program, our athletics programs, the fitness trackers being used with our FCMS students, the computer lab, the electives being offered, the murals around campus that create a positive vibe, and the focus on social-emotional learning.

Overall,  it is amazing to reflect on how much we are doing as a school because of the people here in our community – the families, students, and staff members. I encourage you all to take the time to reflect and feel proud of what we have built and what we are providing to our learners! These opportunities say a lot about where our passions are and the work we are willing to do to create empowering learning experiences.

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