World of Work & Thrively

Across campus at Feaster Charter, students are exploring the World of Work (WoW). Inspired by the Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab, students are using their strengths from the Thrively assessment and connecting them to potential careers. This enables students to start reflecting on what careers are best matched with their current strengths. They use the World of Work Career Cards to discover careers they may never have considered before, reflect on what strengths, interests, and values would be best connected to those careers, and analyze crucial statistics about their potential career.

Engineering Mindlabs Class

During their weekly engineering class, students in middle school worked to explore various careers related to the STEM field.

Using the Career Cards (seen above), students worked to discover careers that would most interest them and they listed these careers on their tables using whiteboard markers. Then, they reflected on what strengths would be needed to excel in this career. This exercise gets students to work collaboratively as they discuss what strengths would be most vital for each career they have chosen. During this exploration, students also start to recognize the strengths of their peers as they converse about the various strengths they have learned about through their Thrively profiles.

IMG_2458 2.jpg

These Career Cards are also used to get students to understand important statistics before they commit to certain careers:

  • Job description
  • Wages
  • Projected growth
  • Education levels (percentages given 3 most common)

The conversation, reflection, connection to college and career, and in depth analysis of STEM careers is an effective way to get students to start thinking about what they can do today to make sure they are building their personal strengths and recognizing the strengths of their peers.

Technology Mindlabs Class

In this class, students started building their Thrively portfolios where they can add text, video, audio, and images. They have been researching their strengths and photoshopping images to be uploaded to their portfolio. They are developing digital media skills as they learn how to use Photoshop to alter images that are related to their strengths.

This project is helping students recognize what qualities they have that best exemplify their personal strengths. They are completing an in depth analysis of their strengths after they have photoshopped images illustrating their top five strengths from Thrively. This in depth analysis is recorded in their portfolio as they write/record/video tape their reflections that explain what their strengths are and how they demonstrate them.


Teachers have started using Thrively as a resource to support their current classroom curriculum. The videos, articles, and courses have been integrated into reading, writing, and character education.

  • Note taking skills (Cornell Notes for AVID classes in 5th – 8th)
  • Students watch and reflect on videos, questions and discussions are centered around classroom curriculum
  • Student reflection – writing with a purpose
  • Existing projects created by Thrively and other teachers
  • Use Skills section for resources for writing prompts and trust circles


An in-depth understanding of their strengths helps each individual student build confidence, supports them as they are setting career goals, and gives them strategies that will help them build social intelligence as they recognize the strengths of others. A community is built when these strengths are recognized, connected to the World of Work, fostered, and reflected on by everyone in a learning environment.

From our vision:

…we are fostering leadership and reasoning skills, as well as increasing self-esteem at a young age to make a life changing impact…

By supporting the development of the strengths of each individual student, we are giving them opportunities to be leaders today.

Share how you are using Thrively and brining up the World of Work in your class to our school hashtag: #FeasterCharter.

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