Social Media in Your Classroom

Consider how powerful it can be when we make public the lessons, projects, opportunities, and skills that our students are learning. At Feaster, we have so many empowering programs and opportunities for our learners, yet only our learners are benefitting if we do not share these programs, lessons, and strategies. By sharing what we are doing to a school-wide hashtag, #FeasterLearns, and a hashtag for your specific program or classroom, we can truly benefit our learners and create a living document showing everything we are doing!

Share Programs and Practices, Get Ideas from Other Educators

One of my personal favorite things about social media is the ideas I get from other educators. It is important to remember that, even online, our relationships should be mutually beneficial – the more great things you share, the more great connections you will make! Imagine having a question or asking for advice on a lesson plan and getting the question out to millions of people – that is what Twitter can do! Check out this link for popular hashtags to add to your posts and to follow on your social media account!


Showcase Your Ideas, Lessons, and Projects

I have walked into classrooms and seen some of the most impressive lessons going on with students who are genuinely excited to learn! This is something that happens all the time on our campus and I just happen to catch it occasionally when I walk into a room by chance. Think about how much more powerful it would do if you were there taking a quick picture and posting it to #FeasterLearns and your own class hashtag!?

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 5.56.57 AM.png

Let Families Know What Their Children are Learning

I remember growing up and being asked about what I learned at school that day. Often, I would give some vague answer that never satisfied my parent’s curiosity. When we post what is going on in our classrooms, we give parents a connection to their student’s learning. The question, “What did you learn about today” suddenly becomes “I saw that you learned about _____ today, check out what your teacher shared!” This is a powerful opportunity that allows parents to take an active role in their children’s learning! Check out this tweet from @FeasterCharter showing one lesson from a Mindlabs class:


 Yearbook QR Codes

Imagine going through a yearbook years later, wondering how the school has changed and being able to actually see the answer! This is what we can do by adding a scannable code called a QR code to our yearbook pages. When teachers share their lessons online using a hashtag like #Feaster201 or FeasterTeam401 and #FeasterLearns, we are creating opportunities for our learners to look back and remember what their time here at Feaster was like!

IMG_3342 2

The other benefit is that when we post online, we can link videos in our yearbook as well! Check out the image to the right and try to imagine what is going on…knowing that we have Mr. Pandis in the picture, we are guessing it has something to do with music. However, we cannot hear that or truly know for sure what is going on until we check this link and hear the whole story. Check out this link for the video that goes along with the picture. This is the kind of power we can bring to our yearbook when we share what we are doing in our classrooms using a hashtag!

Feaster Hashtags

When we add #FeasterLearns to our Twitter posts, we can Google the hashtag and get all of the posts that have included that hashtag! Imagine how powerful it would be, if once a week, teachers took a picture or a video and share something going on in their classrooms to the school hashtag! Check out these other hashtags for our school as well:

You can use the hashtag by adding it to your tweet…something like:

Check out what our #FeasterLearns students did in class this week during #Feaster________! They learned __________ by ____________.  @FeasterCharter @CVESDNews

When you add the #, you make the words come up in a search on the social media site. When you add the @, you are tagging another person and sharing your post with them! Check out this video for more detailed instructions for using Twitter.

Try it out, get your students involved and make a classroom hashtag where you can share all of the amazing practices that are going on in your classroom!

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