STEM Weekly Announcements 7.29.2019

● We have a Growth Mindset ● We Keep all Staff & Every Student in Mind ● We Commit & Follow Through

WINGS ● We Include everyone ● Never Give Up, have a ● Growth Mindset to ● Soar off to college

Shout Outs:

  • Shout out to all the IA’s for committing and following through by spending the first week supporting our new kindergarteners as they adjusted to attending school!
  • Shout out to Marta, Melissa & Marcela for committing and following through by processing close to 1000 proof of residency documents and over 150 new registrations so that 1163 students could walk through the gates and start school on Monday!
  • Shout out to all TK-8th grade classroom teachers for having a growth mindset when you set up your rooms for your new set of students, you have gone above and beyond to ensure that your classroom environment is safe, welcoming, organized and inviting space for students!
  • Shout out to our Mindlabs teachers for having a growth mindset as they hosted 21 Chinese Exchange students the first week of school!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 3.31.46 AM.png

1) Starting off with SEL: Trust Circle 2) Feaster Charter Social Media 3) Chinese Exchange Students in Technology class

Additional Information:

  • Online Training: Please make sure you complete the sexual harassment training by going to this link: Once there you’ll need to use your email address (likely your email address) as your username and your password should be first initial + last name (ex: jsmith)
  • Technology: we know a lot of teachers will be rolling out their devices this week! Please make sure that you have taught the Common Sense Media lessons and you have the AUP back from your students.
    • Covers: you may only use devices with covers on them. We have ordered more covers and will deliver them to your room as soon as they arrive.
    • Scan the QR Code in your cart: each cart should have a piece of paper that is attached to the inside door of your cart. You will see your room number on there and a QR code. You must scan this with each student device so that it is connected to our management system.
    • Name the iPad: one of the first things your students should do is name their iPad. Please do this before Friday, August 2nd because we will be restricting changes to this. The iPad name should be:
      • Student First Name Student Last Name Room Number (ie Heather Galyen 903)
    • Wallpaper: please have the students set their wallpaper, it could be a student number or some teachers have taken a picture of their students and made that the wallpaper. It is up to you as long as it is school appropriate. This must be done by Friday, August 2nd because we will be restricting wallpaper changes.
    • Please remind students about purchasing iPad insurance!
    • Apps and Restrictions: if you want certain apps downloaded on your devices, please email We can also restrict things like airdrop and facetime, if you would like these restrictions, please send Heather a list.
    • Inventory List: you will not need to add the serial numbers for each device! Please make sure that you scan the QR code on the inside of your cart with each iPad in your classroom. This will give us an online inventory in addition to the inventory we took over the summer.
  • Setting up your voicemail: if you moved rooms or just want a new voicemail, please follow these instructions:
    • 1. Dail 1777
    • 2. When asked for a security code, enter 1111 (this is the default code and the only time you will use this code)
    • 3. The system will prompt you to enter a new security code for your mailbox
    • 4. When prompted, record your name only and follow the instructions
    • 5. When prompted, record your greeting and follow the instructions
  • School Hall Passes: you should all have a yellow pad of paper for your school hall passes. If you do not have one, please go to room 201 and get a fresh pack. These can be used whenever you are sending students anywhere on campus besides the restroom or nurse.
  • Give Away!!!: We have three boxes of LEGO Boost robots (ages 7-12) that were part of a Donor’s Choose project that was completed over the summer. If you are interested in using these for your elective, please email Whoever emails first will receive the boxes. For more information about these, check out the LEGO Boost website.
  • Attendance: please remember to take your attendance on TAC daily (check out this week’s blog post for more info on this). Please make sure you hit save each time you change something on your attendance.
  • Social Media: Feaster Charter is still on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Class Dojo. Give us a follow and help us out by encouraging your parents to follow as well. You can also follow Feaster Farm online by going to Instagram and searching FeasterFarms.
    •  Hashtags: #FeasterCharter, #FeasterCharterSchool, #FeasterFarms, #FeasterLearns (Twitter)
    • On the Blog: This week, our blog post describes the programs your students will use this year and the programs you will use as a teacher. This includes links and important answers to frequently asked questions. Please take a minute to look it over!
  • Check out the most recent video of our EduAbroad visitors here:

Week at a Glance

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 3.38.18 AM.png

Looking Ahead & Other Information:

  • 8/5 Lockdown Drill @9:00am

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