STEM Week 10 Announcements 10.7.18

● We have a Growth Mindset ● We Keep all Staff & Every Student in Mind ● We Commit & Follow Through WINGS ● We Include everyone ● Never Give Up, have a ● Growth Mindset to ● Soar off to college

Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had time to unwind, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy San Diego’s Fall weather 🍂. Now it’s time for us to transition back into our work routines. We have 43 instructional days between now and the end of Q3. Before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving and Winter Break. To prepare for the upcoming quarter, we will dedicate half of tomorrow to PD at Sweetwater Authority Water Treatment, and the remainder of the day to planning with your teams or planning independently. As you plan, keep in mind the goals you established at the beginning of the year. Next week I will have my calendar available in room 201 so that teachers can sign up for a Q2 observation. Have a great week!

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 8.30.49 PM

📸Pictures:(1) Celebrating Ss Achieve 3K accomplishments (2) Ss sharing what peace means (3) Mr. Trujillo has been working hard on our Girls’ bathroom, take a look at the sneak-peek

Additional Information:

  • We love to use social media to showcase great things teachers are doing! Please take a moment and follow us on our social media accounts:
  • Gallup Visit: On Monday 10/15 and Tuesday 10/16, we will have some visitors from the Gallup Research Institute.They heard about Feaster because of our social media accounts and want to see our innovative practices!
  • 🌟Classroom: There is a new app called Classroom that will allow you to see all of yoru student iPads and view their screens, lock their devices, and mute their devices. See this video for more information: If you are interested in this app, please email Heather Galyen at
  • Bikes for Kids: Every week, NBC 7/39 airs a segment where they donate a bike to one student who is excelling in character development and/or academics. You can nominate a student by emailing
  • Spanish Classes: This year, we are offering Spanish classes to our staff members! PTO has offered to pay half of the fee, so classes are being offered at a discounted rate of $11/class! You can reserve your spot by signing up online: 0kQemgAFCmgV5bIbDBI5UMlZQWkpIMk9DWFZaVzExMjFFRENURThCSy4
  • EduBlogs Competition: The Student Blogging Challenge is about embracing all of the benefits of blogging from learning digital writing skills, and digital citizenship, to developing an authentic audience and connecting with others around the globe. You can register online by going to
  • Headspace: we still have the Headspace guided mediation subscription available until 07/2019! Your redemption code is GSEDFEASTER1Y and it can be redeemed at
  • Accelerated Reader: the link for the AR website is:
  • Imagine Learning: please help hold your students accountable for achieving their 20 minutes each day by checking your Imagine Learning reports! You can login and see how your students are spending their time by going to: ImagineLearning does have a new app that we will be pushing out to all iPad devices this week. Please remember that the site code is 0608610
  • GoFundMe: We have started a GoFundMe campaign for our upcoming China trip. This will help fund the necessary costs connected with the trip including applying for a visa as well as airfare. If you would like to donate or share with your families, the link is:
  • Candy Bars: 6th grade is selling candy bars to raise money for 6th grade camp

Technology Tips:

  • iPad location services: have been turned on for most devices! This was done during the set up in order to help us locate lost devices. Please make sure that you leave these location services on so that we can track the device in case it goes missing.
  •  If you notice that your students safari or web browser has a black bar at the top, this means that they are in privacy mode. This will stop their browsing history from being tracked. Please have a conversation with your students if you saw this happening.
  • MacBooks: please note that the new MacBooks are very fragile! The screens are easily cracked, so we highly recommend purchasing a cover or a case to keep your MacBook from being damaged. Please make sure that you are cautious to not close anything inside of the MacBook and to keep liquids away from the computer. According to the staff Acceptable Use Policy, teachers are responsible for any damage caused to the device. We highly recommend purchasing the $50 insurance; please see the attached Staff AUP for more information!

Week at a Glance

After-School Duty: 4th Grade

** Q2 Character Strengths: Curiosity & Self-Control (School Work)**








AM: Prep PM: Day

Welcome back! WoW PD @ SW Authority Water Treatment Plant

7:30 – 8:00 breakfast 8:00 – 11:00 PD

Ss return 10.9

New Teacher PD

  • –  2:00-3:00 All New Ts to Feaster
  • –  3:00-3:35 Induction Ts



4th Grade Swim

MS Elective Resume ML Clubs Resume

3:00 Lead Meeting

N e w T S A



4th Grade Swim

Dance Rehersals %3:00 Cross-Country Run (2.1 Miles) %


AM: TK&MS / PM: 5th DI:
4th Grade Swim

8:00 – PIQE

–  1401 – Planning


–  1402 – Child Care

SOM Assemblies

K – 7:45 – SOM
2 – 10:00
4 – 9:15

PD Committees

1:30 GLQs: Tan Soo Do Karate Class


AM: K PM: 4th
K- all day planning 4th Grade Swim

Wear College T-Shirts Collaboration

SOM Assemblies

5 – 8:30
6 – 9:15

7 – 1:30 – mpr 8 – 2:15 – mpr

8:00 -8TH Sat. School

8:00-12:00 Parent Academy @ Vista Square

8:30 MS Cross Country @ Otay Ranch HS

Looking Ahead & Other Information:

  • 10/15 Dance Performances (all week) – 10/15 AVID Site Team Meeting
  • 10/16 Coffee with the Principals
  • 10/17 Superintendent Walkthrough
  • 10/17 Feaster Family Fun Night & Western BBQ
  • 10/17 Feaster Charter Board Meeting
  • 10/19 Bonnie’s Leadership Academy

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