Week 34 STEM Academy

● We have a Growth Mindset ● We Keep all Staff & Every Student in Mind ● We Commit & Follow Through ●

Shout Outs

  • Shout Out to our Counseling Department for keeping all staff & every student in mind by planning and organizing our Self-Care PD last Thursday. During this time of the year, it is important to take some time to take care of oneself, so that we can fully meet the needs of our students.
  • Shout-Out to our proctors for being so flexible during the week of testing. We appreciate your understanding that testing is a priority and that schedules change based on how many students need to complete their assessments.

Photos: (1) Fresh produce is growing in the greenhouse! Another donation of 250 lettuce heads as well as some Bok Choy was donated to Father Joe’s Village! (2) Our counseling department said “see you later” to our two SDSU interns.


  • Testing: This week we will begin with ELA CAT and end with ELA PT. Our original plan was to complete the ELA PT first, however, we recently found out that the PT score is not as heavily weighted as the CAT score. So our thinking is that students tackle the toughest part of the test while they are well rested and have stamina.
  • Thursday PD Time: If you need support from our VAPA Mindlabs Teachers to prepare for the VAPA Spectacular, please coordinate with Mrs. Treter, Mr. Jones, or Ms. Carolina. Suggested times are listed on the Feaster PD Notebook
  • iPads: The Media Center has been checking our Mobile Device Management system and they have noticed that some profiles are still being removed. Roel and Heather will be emailing you if a student in your class has deleted this profile. Please have a conversation with your students letting them know:
    • They must use only their device, students should not be sharing devices

    • If the profile is removed ,it will result in the iPad being taken away until testing
  • Donors Choose: We have had several emails with Donors Choose requests! A school wide project has been put up on the Donors Choose Website! If you have other flexible seating supplies you would like added, please send Heather a link! Please also help us by sharing the link to our school project on your social media accounts!
  • Instagram: You can now follow Feaster Charter on Instagram at @FeasterCharter and @Feasterathletics.

Week at a Glance

RSP – After school duty
Quarter 4 Character Strengths: grit and optimism
Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 7.57.48 AM

Looking Ahead & Other Information:

  • 5.14.18 BTSA Colloquium
  • 5.15.18 3RD Grade Legoland
  • 5.18.18 Leadership Academy (Leads Off-Campus)

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