VAPA Week 30 Announcements

● We have a Growth Mindset ● We Keep all Staff & Every Student in Mind ● We Commit & Follow Through ●


Shout Out to Mrs. Medina, Mr. Fraser, Mr. Hill, Ms. Gates, Ms. Morris, Ms. Carcova, Ms. Silberberg, Ms. Martin for committing and following through by organizing and hosting our 5th annual career fair! We had a great presenters and all of our middle school students were engaged throughout the event!


1st picture: helicopter landing during 5th Annual Career Fair closing ceremony
2nd picture: Students in Mr Fraser’s elective grew 500 heads lettuce! 300 went to staff and families, 200 went to Father Joes! 📷: Mr. Fraser


  • Tech: Thank you to 2nd and 6th grades for having all of the information for their devices uploaded to the shared OneNote document (https://cvesd-
  • If you have not yet done this, please do so ASAP. This should be done in all grade levels.
  • About half of our 1,296 devices have not yet been renamed. Please have your students do the following:
    • Go into settings
    • General
    • About
    • Click name
    • Type: first name, last name, room number
  • App: it can be really disruptive when your computer turns off mid lesson! There is a free app on the MacBook iTunes store called Sleepless: When your computer is open and this app is turned on, it will stop your computer from falling asleep!
  • Yearbook – Please remind parents that they can purchase yearbooks online at using code 12722418
  • Tutoring: If you are interested in tutoring after-school there is an opportunity to get paid! Please see the coaches for the form, you’ll need to fill it out and turn in regular attendance.
  • Donors Choose: Last week, we had several emails with Donors Choose requests! A school wide project will be put up on the site this week using your requests. If you have other flexible seating supplies you would like added, please send Heather a link!
  • Instagram: You can now follow Feaster Charter on Instagram at @FeasterCharter and @Feasterathletics
  • Twitter: On Tuesdays, Apple will host an educator twitter chat at 6:00 PM using #AppleEDUchat


Week at a Glance

  • 3rd Grade-School Duty
  • Q4- Grit & Optimism
  • Pasta for Pennies Fundraiser






Collaboration: 1/6

Collaboration: 4/5

7:45 Coffee with the Principals

SOM Assemblies

9:00 – 7th Grade 10:00 – 2nd Grade 2:00 – Kinder

3:30 – MS Presentation for Outside Applicants MPR


Feaster Boys Basketball vs. Heritage (Away)

Collaboration: K/2

7:30-11:30 – 8th Grade Promotion Pictures (MPR)

Field Trips

Ms. Culbertson, Ms. Blanco, Mr. Kelling – Cabrillo National Monument

SOM Assemblies

2:00 – 1st Grade

3:10 – SSC Meeting 4:30 – Board Meeting


Feaster Boys Soccer vs. Liberty (Home)

Collaboration MS/3rd

SOM Assemblies

8:00 – 6th Grade 10:00 – 3rd Grade

9:00 – Masonic Awards MPR (6th Grade)

1:30 Spring Kermes

No Collaboration Leads Out – Bonnie

7:30-12:00 – 6th Grade Promotion Pictures (MPR)

SOM Assemblies

2:00 – 4th Grade

Due: 18-19 Grade Level Placement Survey to Room 201.

Looking Ahead & Other Information:

– 4.17.18 ILT Cohort Session V

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