VAPA Week 29 Announcements

● We have a Growth Mindset ● We Keep all Staff & Every Student in Mind ● We Commit & Follow Through ●

Shout Outs

  • Shout Out to Ms. Carolina, Ms. Lupita, Ms. Ximena, and Mr. Roel for their commitment and follow through to the production of Annie the week before break. The performances were fantastic and were enjoyed by a full house every night!
  • Shout out to Ms. Slabaugh, Ms. Anabel and Mr. Reggie for keeping all staff and every student in mind as they generously gave up their classrooms/offices for the use of students during the production of Annie!
  • Shout out to all the teachers for their commitment and follow through to our students by attending one of the performances of Annie and to the PIQE Graduation! The students and parents were excited to see you there!



  • Imagine Learning – Starting on Monday, April 1st, the Imagine Learning end of the year testing window will open. Students will have this automatically assigned to them. To make sure this assessment is as purposeful as possible, we are asking for all teachers to remind their student to try their best and to provide test takers with a privacy board.
  • Yearbook – Please remind parents that they can purchase yearbooks online at using code 12722418
  • iPads – As previously mentioned there are a lot of problems occurring with iPads:
    • Student iTunes accounts being set up on the devices (majority of incidents occurring in 6th-8th)
    • MDM (Mobile Device Management) profiles being removed from the devices
    • Broken screens
  • When we return from break there will be restrictions placed on iPads so we can get back on track. We recognize the need to use them for certain purpose so please read the following plan carefully:
    • Revisit routines and procedures for iPad use
    • Review the AUP and hold students accountable for keeping the devices from being damaged
    • Rename devices with student first name, last name, room number, this will be checked through Mosyle
    • if you have shared cart codes with students, please contact heather or Roel to reset it.


    Once you have completed those 5 items, students can use iPads with restrictions:

    • Students may only use their own issued iPad, if its broken they must use paper.
    • Upload the student name, serial number, asset tag number, and note the condition (if applicable) for their devices to the following OneNote: 0Numbers/
    • They can be out a maximum of 1 hour per day for whatever you need (IAB’s Achieve, etc) and then they must be returned to the iPad cart.


  • Tutoring: If you are interested in tutoring after-school there is an opportunity to get paid! Please see the coaches for the form, you’ll need to fill it out and turn in regular attendance.
  • Donors Choose: Last week, we had several emails with Donors Choose requests! A school wide project has been put up on the site this week using your requests. If you have other flexible seating supplies you would like added, please send Heather a link!
  • Instagram: You can now follow Feaster Charter on Instagram at @FeasterCharter and @Feasterathletics
  • Twitter: On Tuesdays, Apple will host an educator twitter chat at 6:00 PM using #AppleEDUchat

Week at a Glance

2nd Grade-School Duty ** Q4 Grit & Optimism**






Collaboration: K/6

Sback Interim Data due in One Note Folder

Minimum Day

Collaboration: 4/5

7:45-10:30 Pasta for Pennies Kickoff Assembly! – MPR

K-1 @ 7:45

2-3 @ 8:45 4-5 @ 9:45

No Collaboration

Field Trips

Mindlabs – New Children’s Museum Collaboration 4/5

7:45-10:30 Pasta for Pennies Kickoff Assembly! – MPR (6- 8TH)

Boys Soccer vs. Veterans @ Feaster 4:00pm

Collaboration MS/2ND PD:TBA

Collaboration 1st/3rd

Wear College T-Shirts

STEAM Career Fair – 5th Annual MS QUAD AREA 8:00-10:30

Looking Ahead & Other Information:


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