VAPA Week 22 Announcements

●We have a Growth Mindset ● We Keep all Staff & Every Student in Mind ● We Commit & Follow Through ●

Shout Outs:

  • Shout Out to Ms. Crystal San Roman for exemplifying ALL of our core values and being nominated and selected at Feaster’s Teacher of the Year!!
  • Shout out to Ms. Anabel Ibarra for having a growth mindset and ensuring that all staffare ready for the upcoming new assessment for English Learners, ELPAC! Thank you forall your hard work!
  • Shout out to Mrs. Walker and Mr. Thorburn for Committing and Following Through as they organized the nominations and voting for Teacher of the Year, thank you!


  • Big BRAINZ: Our Big Brainz trial is scheduled to end on Wednesday, January 31st. Due to some previous issues with the app, the company may be extending our license, but we want you to be aware in case the app is no longer available.
  • Student of the Month Recognition: Heather is looking for exemplar students in all grade levels to be recognized within the community for excellent citizenship. If you know a student, please send her a brief email with the name and a explanation of what makes this student stand out.
  • iPads: iPads should NOT leave the classroom for students in elementary school unless requested by RSP. We have had a significant increase in broken and lost iPads, please help remind your students!
  • Donors Choose: Last week, we had several emails with Donors Choose requests! A school wide project will be put up on the site this week using your requests. If you have other flexible seating supplies you would like added, please send Heather a link!
  • Blog: If you haven’t already, please remember to follow our Feaster Charter blog by clicking “follow” at the bottom of this website: and entering your email address!
  • Instagram: You can now follow Feaster Charter on Instagram at @FeasterCharter and @Feasterathletics
  • Twitter: It has been great to see all of your tweets coming in! A lot of excellent strategies, routines, resources, and experiences are being shared. Keep it going this week so we can all continue to learn from eacher other! #feasterlearns @feastercharter

CPR Class,  Ms. Bates’ and Mr. Fraser’s classes pair up, Attendance Matters

Week at a Glance

2nd Grade After school Duty

** Q3 Zest & Gratitude

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 9.07.13 PM

Looking Ahead & Other Information:

  • 2/5-2/9 Physical Fitness Testing 5th Grade
  • ELPAC Testing 2nd-8th
  • 2/6 6th & 7th Grade Speech contest

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