VAPA Week 15 Announcements

  • We have a Growth Mindset ● We Keep all Staff & Every Student in Mind ● We Commit & Follow Through ●


  • Shout-out to Ms. Melissa and Mrs. Acuna for Committing & Following Through by regularly meeting with parents to explain the importance of attendance, greeting students every morning as they walk in, and calling students at 6:00am to wake them up in the morning!
  • Strengths Focus –This week we are highlighting two strengths! Shout-out to all Falcons that have CONNECTEDNESS & CONSISTENCY as one of their top 5 strengths!
    •  CONNECTEDNESS – big picture thinker, easy going, helps other see purpose
      • Stephen Phan, Martha Arizmendi, Pat Young, Karla Cortez, Jenn Slabaugh, Roel Mislan, Patti Willis
    • CONSISTENCY – fair and just problem-solver, makes fair policy and rules
      • Christine Carreno, Justin Hill, Natalie Scott, Cecilia Aguirre, Brad Haskins, Karla Cortez, Esther Granados, Jenn Slabaugh, Melissa Guerrero


  • This Thursday’s, join us as we focus on Gratitude

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 5.15.58 AM

  • Donors Choose/Feaster Blog: Mrs. Walker is available to help anyone who is interested in funding a project for your classroom find the resources or set up a Donors Choose.  Those interested in funding flexible seating, rugs, couches, bean bag chairs, etc. can email her and she will follow up with you to set up an account!
  • Our garden behind the middle school area is looking great! Ms. Young’s elective class has been busy keeping up with it. Take a few minutes and enjoy it at some point this week.


Week at a Glance
2nd Grade After-School Duty

** Q2 Character Strengths: Curiosity & Self-Control (School Work)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Nature’s Tricks w/Dr. Zoolittle Assembly

·       7:45 K-1

·       9:00 2-3

7:45 Coffee with the Principals


Elementary Football Feaster Vs. Veterans (AWAY)


4:30 Board Meeting Room 401


6:00 Feaster presents to CVESD Board (District Office)


1:45 Join us for FEASTERGIVING




Arizmendi – Living Coast Discovery Center


2:00 pm Turkey Bowl


11/20- 11/24 Thanksgiving Break



Looking Ahead & Other Information:

  • 11/27 – 12/1 College Week (7th & 8th Grade)
  • 11/30 DI Café Veterans

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