STEM Week 14 Announcements



WEEK OF November 6 # 15

● We have a Growth Mindset ● We Keep all Staff & Every Student in Mind ● We Commit & Follow Through ●



  • Shout out to the 5th grade team for keeping all staff and every student in mind by ensuring that students pick up after themselves after snack break. They always leave their area clean so that others don’t have to pick up after them, thank you!!
  • Thank you to Ms. Willis, Ms. Quesada, Mr. Cristian and Ms. Carrasco for having a growth mindset and encouraging everyone to have a growth mindset by providing everyone with a very informative Professional Development opportunity on Thursday. We are glad to see the lines of communication opening up between SPED and Gen Ed! If you have further questions please follow up with the teachers or Delia!
  • Shout out to all the grade levels and departments that dressed up for Halloween!! Your commitment and follow through was evident and the students and parents loved seeing everyone dressed up! Thank you for participating 🙂
  • Shout out to the Middle School football team and their coaches (Coach Chris, Coach Johnson, & Coach Brad) for committing and following through as they played their hearts out in the championship game against Rancho del Rey Middle School. We are so proud of them and thank them for representing our school so well!
  • Shout out to Mrs. Rivaldi and Mrs. Walker for presenting at a STEAM Conference on Saturday!
  • Strengths Focus –This week we are highlighting two strengths
  • Shout-out to all Falcons that have COMMUNICATION & COMPETITION as one of their top 5 strengths!
  • COMMUNICATION – easy to talk to, presence, energizing & entertaining, charismatic, storyteller: Shea Macleod, Mark Fraser, Anthony Quintanar, Lisa Clookie, Kate Greer, Lori Martinez, Paula Blanco, Joe Guglielmo, Carolina DeLaRocha, Karla Salas, Sarah Motsinger
  • COMPETITION – keeps going, driven, motivated, pushes self: Chelsea Stewart, Natalie Hildt, Melissa Tellez, LeSean Johnson


  • Donors Choose/Feaster Blog: Mrs. Walker is available to help anyone who is interested in funding a project for your classroom find the resources or set up a Donors Choose. Those interested in funding flexible seating, rugs, couches, bean bag chairs, etc. can email her and she will follow up with you to set up an account!
  • Please remember to follow @FeasterCharter on Twitter and our blog at
  • 6th Grade Dance: Sixth grade is hosting Fall Dance on Thursday, November 9,  fundraise for camp. Students in 4th to 8th are all invited! Tickets are sold in room 701 before or after school for $2, or may be purchased at the door for $3. Please send home flyers on Monday. Students need their parent signatures to be able to purchase tickets. Please ask any sixth-grade teacher if you have any questions.
  • School Polo Shirts: If you would like to purchase a Feaster Polo Shirt please email the form to Marcela. Polo Shirts are $20 (2XL add $1.50, 3XL add $2.50)
  • Longevity Awards: Congratulations to the following staff who will be recognized for their service at an awards ceremony on Tuesday evening:

Karla Cortez (10 Years)

Roel Mislan (10 Years)

Carmen Santillian Ramirez (10 Years)

Natalie Scott (10 Years)

Melissa Tellez (10 Years)

Cecilia Aguirre (15 Years)

Josh Thorburn (15 Years)

Francisco Velasco (15 Years)

Cecilia Garcia (15 Years)

Week at a Glance

2nd Grade After-School Duty

Q2 Character Strengths: Curiosity & Self-Control (School Work)






1st Grade Mindlabs (Afternoon)

  • 7th Grade to Qualcomm
  • 3:00 Lead Meeting
  • Longevity Awards 5:00pm Muraoka
  • PD: Work on SST/IEP Documentation
  • 6th Grade Dance 1:30
  • 3rd Grade Mindlabs (afternoon)

* Happy Veterans Day NO SHCOOL

Looking Ahead & Other Information:

  • Feaster presents to Chula Vista School Board 6:00pm (District Office)

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