VAPA Week 11 Announcements

October 2017: Week of October 15th

  • We have a Growth Mindset ● We Keep all Staff & Every Student in Mind ● We Commit & Follow Through ●


  • Thank you to every grade level for living the core value of committing and following through by providing parents a fun and engaging activity to do during Family Fun Night! Parent engagement continues to be an area that needs our commitment and follow through! Below are some photos from last Wednesday that show what some grade planned for parents.


  • Thank you to Mrs. Gallegos for committing and following through with presenting at the Chula Vista Elementary School Districts’ Parent Academy on Saturday. Mrs. Gallegos presented with Ms. Morris on informing parents about the AVID program and the importance of students having an understanding of AVID strategies!


  • GQ – Gentlemen of Quality – Reggie and the GQ Committee are looking for gentlemen to join GQ. If you have someone to nominate please submit the form that was left in your box into Mr. Reggie by October 6th.

Week at a Glance

  • 6th Grade Teachers After-School Duty
  • Q2 Character Strengths: Curiosity & Self-Control (School Work)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4th & 5th Grade Dance Recitals

• 8:25,9:35,1 1:45,1:20

4:30 Coffee with the Principals (MPR)

1st Grade: Wild Animal Park Field Trip

K & 2nd Grade Dance Recitals

• 12:15,1:15

4:30 October Board Meeting

ILT Training @ Muraoka 8:00-3:00

PD 1:45 Thrively MPR

4:00 Feaster Vs. Cook (@ Cook)

TK District Meeting

Shine the Light on Bullying (wear orange or yellow)

1st & 3rd Grade Dance Recitals

• 8:35,9:35,1 1:10, 12:50

Achieve 3K Pizza Party for Highest Growth

Saturday –
7th Grade Compact for Success SDSU

Looking Ahead & Other Information:

  • 23-10.27 RED RIBBON WEEK
  • 31.17 Literature Parade & Halloween Trick or Treating



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