VAPA Week 8 Announcements


  • Thank you Mrs. Clookie, Ms. Hildt, Ms. Aguirre, Mrs. Gallegos, and Ms. Olocco, for bearing with our new lunch procedures! We have made a few changes and we appreciate your flexibility and patience while we ironed out all the kinks! AND… ALEX NINO for helping us in creating the system!
  • Thank you to Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Ms. Aderholdt, & Mrs. Clookie, Mrs. Carcova, & Mr. Hill for your hard work on Friday during lead team meeting! I know you had to give up precious conference time to be there, and it is much appreciated!
  • Thank you to Marta for working so hard to ensure that teachers who need translators are able to get them!
  • Thank you to all the aids who have been staying to help us translate during conferences!
  • Thank you, Marissa, for ensuring that all quarterly benchmark assessments were ready to go for all teachers and that everyone knows what they are doing in Illuminate!!


1. Teacher Parent Conferences

  • – A couple of reminders for parent teacher conferences:
    • Send a schedule to the front office and let Marta know if you need help with translating
    • If you have an SST 1 scheduled during parent conferences, please let Marissa know so that she can attend.
    • Mindlab Teachers will be available for parents to sign up for parent-teacher conferences to discuss students’ grades and will have a sign-up sheet outside their door.

2. After-School Clubs:

  • During parent teacher conferences after-school clubs will continue! Clubs will be from 1:40-2:20 Monday-Wednesday and Friday. Please communicate this to your classes. Ballet Folklorico will have practice tomorrow!

3. Parent Interest Surveys:

  • This Friday parent interest surveys were placed in your boxes. Have parents fill this out while they are waiting or as they are leaving their parent teacher conference. We would like parent input as to what workshops they would be interested in attending. All completed surveys can be put in Mrs. Sleiman’s box in room 201.

4. Donors Choose/Feaster Blog

  • Mrs. Walker is available to help anyone who is interested in funding a project for your classroom find the resources or set up a Donors Choose. Those interested in funding flexible seating, rugs, couches, bean bag chairs, etc. can email her and she will follow up with you to set up an account!
  • Please remember to follow @FeasterCharter on Twitter and our blog at

Week at a Glance

MindLabs Teachers After-School Duty ** Q1 Character Strengths: Social Intelligence and Self-Control






Minimum Day Parent Teacher Conferences

Remembering 9.11: There are many resources online if you are interested in discussing with your students the events that took place that day

Minimum Day Parent Teacher Conferences

Reclassification Conference Forms Due (To Anabel)

Confirmation of Internet Safety Due (To Heather)

Minimum Day Parent Teacher Conferences

Lockdown Drill 10:00am

Jupiter Ed Workshop – MPR (Middle School parents)

Minimum Day Parent Teacher Conferences

Bus Evacuation Drill 9:00-10:00 (specific schedule will be sent out)

Minimum Day Parent Teacher Conferences

Mrs. Gallegos – Innovation Station

Ms. Palacio and Ms. Canet – Living Coast Discovery Center

Looking Ahead & Other Information:

  • 9/18-10/1 FALL BREAK!
  • 10/1 All quarterly benchmark data should be in Illuminate!
  • 10/2 Teacher PD & Prep Day – schedule to follow (morning PD/ afternoon prep)
  • 10/3-10/6 SOM & Honor Roll Assemblies (Calendar Invites were sent on Friday)

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