STEM Week 6 Announcements

Weekly Announcements

1. Character Coupons

  • Every other Friday our ASB students will be visiting your classrooms to collect Character Coupons during electives. Please dedicate a few minutes for our ASB students to speak with your class about the importance of the two character strengths we are focusing on this quarter: Social Intelligence and Self- Control. Sarah and I will pull character coupons each month and winners from each grade level will receive a Principals’ T-Shirt.

2. ELPAC Field Testing

  • Tuesday & Wednesday some students will participate in the Initial ELPAC Field Test. Students participating received a parent letter last week informing them that they would be participating. Testing will occur in Room 902.

Week at a Glance

  • 3rd Grade After-School Duty
  • Q1 Character Strengths: Social Intelligence and Self Control

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 8.23.58 PM.png


Strengths Focus – Collectively we have such diverse strengths and such an opportunity to learn from each other that we would like to highlight team members each week that have 1 of the 35 total strengths in their top 5. This week we are highlighting all the ACHIEVERS on Campus. Thank you for keeping the ball rolling!

• ACHIEVER – Works tirelessly, committed, responsible (work ethic), keeps things moving forward.
• Francisco Velasco, Angelica Sleiman, Christine Carreno, Laura Gates, Alexa Carcova, Jenna Martin, Stephen Phan, Lisa Clookie, Natalie Scott, Kaitlyn DiGiovanna, Natalie Hildt, Cecilia Aguirre, Elizabeth Aderholdt, Martha Arizmendi, Krista Cartier, Kat Culbertson, Crystal SanRoman, Maria Lopez, Adriana Cerda, Esther Granados, Stefany Ramirez, Jenna Bates, Lori Martinez, Cristian Carrasco, Roel Mislan, Carolina DeLaRocha, Delia Carrasco, Cynthia Figueroa, Heather Walker, Leticia Quesada

Looking Ahead & Other Information:

  • 9/04 Labor Day – No School
  • 9/05 Coffee with Principals
  • 9/06 Board Meeting

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