VAPA Week 5 Announcements


Weekly Announcements:

  • Goal Setting Meetings will continue this week, please come prepared with your forms filled out and ready to discuss.
  • Solar Eclipse will be visible between 9:00 and 12:00pm Please explain to students that they should NOT look directly up at the sun during this time as it can cause eye damage!
  • Mindlab Lanyard and Badges: All teachers will be receiving their class set of Mindlabs badges and lanyards before your next collaboration. Please make sure that you have students go out wearing their badges every day that they have Mindlabs! Please make sure to collect student’s badges/lanyards after their Mindlabs day. Please store in a secure space so we could have these all year long. If you have a lanyard missing for a student please email Ms. Sleiman. This week Mindlab teachers will be helping students to write in their strengths, interests and career values on their badges. Help us ask about our student strengths whenever you see our students in Mindlabs !
  • Counseling Center Updates:
    • Counselors are out tomorrow
  • Electives- Great start to electives!
    • Just a few reminders, please take attendance at the beginning of class to ensure that all students are accounted for.
    • Please communicate with the front office if you and your class will not be in your class.
    • Please make sure your lesson plans for you elective are posted in your grade level’s lesson plan folder on Onedrive or Onenote, whichever your team uses!

Week at a Glance

  • 6th Grade After School Duty Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 8.57.10 AM.png


  • Shout Out to the 4th-8th grade classrooms for being such outstanding hosts to our Chinese Exchange students last week!  This has been one of our best groups so far, they were actively participating in your classrooms and formed great relationships with their buddies!  We will have another round of students in December or January! Thank you for welcoming them into your classrooms!
  • Shout Outs: Shout out to our fabulous aides who helped all week long in putting together the mindlab badges with student names for the whole school.


Looking Ahead:

  • August 29th: Social Emotional Learning Special Training 3:45-5:15, Dinner and Raffle for all staff who attend 🙂

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